Our goal is more than to be a brand in the action sports community, we look to partner with other brands, companies of any size, and influencers in a similar niche to give free products to the community while building the businesses involved in our giveaways. We do this by purchasing our own giveaway item (dirt bike, gear, car, etc...) and fully advertising the giveaway to members in the action sports community on Instagram and Facebook. It's COMPLETELY FREE for people to enter the giveaway. Rules are that they must follow WTSBRAND and everyone WTSBRAND follows and tag friends in the post. By doing this our partners are guaranteed exposer to key customers and/or viewers. We charge a fee for being on the following list.

             We create the giveaway and advertise to the action sports community, all while our potential winners enter for free and our partners benefit from the exposer. A win/win for both! Head to our catalog to purchase the "Become a Partner" item and don't forget to put your Instagram handle you wish to be followed in the box!

             We look forward to growing businesses together.  

             Slade Hill

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